World’s Largest Network for Responsible and Sustainable Business

UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative that promotes a sustainable and inclusive global economy for people, society and the market. In order to achieve this, the UN Global Compact calls on the business to: (1) to carry out its activities, which implies the integration of the ten principles envisaged in the strategy and day-to-day operations. The ten principles of the global agreement mobilize business’ attention in the following areas: human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and fight against corruption. (2) to promote general public objectives, such as the  UN Sustainable Development Goals.

There are more than 13 500 companies  from 164 countries, and more than 3 000 non-entrepreneurial entities as a members of the UN Global Compact. 

Global Compact Network Georgia (GCNG) is a local network for the UN Global Compact platform. The Georgian Network was launched in 2016 with the aim to promote the United Nations Global Compact’s 10 Principles in the field of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption among local businesses, as well as contribute to the implementation of the United Nations’ broader development goals. 

The Secretariat of the GCNG is a non-governmental organization CiDA, which coordinates two major corporate responsibility initiatives in Georgia, the CSR Club and Global Compact Network Georgia.

Being a member of the UN Global Compact  gives a lot of positive results:

  • Company becomes a member of unprecedented network, what gives it the opportunity to acquire new contacts with companies coming in various industries, sectors and size from 164 countries around the world.
  • Events handled under Global Compact’s initiative allows the company to exchange information on corporate social responsibility with other members of the network. Basically, information exchange is in two directions: (1) best practices (2) new means of solving problems within the framework of corporate social responsibility.
  • By being a member of the Global Compact, company has access to corporate social responsibility mechanisms and resources, as well as the possibility of being involved in trainings in this direction. A member of the Global Compact may provide local assistance through the Global Compact Local Networks. The Global Compacts local network exists in 86 countries. 
  • The Global Compact is one of the UN agencies. By being its member, the company acquires moral authority, knowledge and UN experience.

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