• SDG Compass - Plan for Sustainable Future

    Learn more about the SDG strategy implementation plan, SDG goals, and successful cases.

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    The SDG Compass is a guideline for companies. Compass helps us to define a sustainable development strategy and to implement these principles in the daily life of the organization.

    How to implement the SDG agenda?

    The first step is to take responsibility - to understand, to accept that the company has space for Progress. In the second stage, the company assesses its capabilities and condition. At this point, many flaws are expected to be identified, among which it is necessary to set priorities, leading to the third step. Defined priorities are followed by goals, and goals need to be achieved - this is the fourth stage. The fifth step is to monitor the progress and accountability status of the company. In the last step of the iteration, the organization communicates the results achieved with the stakeholders.

    How to implement the SDG agenda?

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