H&M is committed to creating fashion in a sustainable way, by using sustainable materials at the lowest price. The fashion industry weighs heavily on the world’s natural resources, which is one of the reasons H&M Group has set up clear sustainability goals going ahead. Our mission is to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

Why is it important?

The fast fashion and fashion industry in terms of waste is polluting the environment. In order to save our planet, it is necessary to run the business properly. From the first day H&M Georgia opened, a recycling initiative was launched. It contains the following three aspects: REWEAR

— clothing that can be worn again is sold as second-hand clothes, REUSE — old clothes and textiles are turned into other products, RECYCLE — everything else is turned into textile fibers. This approach taken by H&M is a good solution to ensure that the company continues to operate efficiently and at the same time does not pollute the environment.

SDG 12 – Sustainable Consumption and production

With this approach, H&M significantly contributes to the implementation of the twelfth goal of sustainable development – sustainable consumption and production. The goal for 2030, which is to use only materials from recycled or sustainable sources, meets the twelfth goal of sustainable development

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