Green transport of Qari

Qari is an eco-friendly electric moped sharing service, created for fast and easy transportation in urban conditions. Comfort, ease of getting around and care for the environment are the main reasons why this form of transport is slowly gaining popularity.

Electric mopeds are one of the most effective means of transportation for an individual or for two people nowadays. In the case of Qari, the shared nature of the service frees the customer from a few inconveniences related to the maintenance of the moped, while the main benefits remain 24-hour access, freedom of getting around in traffic jams, guaranteed parking zones and eco-friendliness.

Electric mopeds can be used with a special app, which, in addition to the travelling function, also serves for communication with the customer. Parking spaces are specially allocated in the Qari’s traffic area, known as “green zones”, so as not to interfere with the movement of other vehicles or pedestrians.

Qari’s mopeds are equipped with all necessary elements for passenger safety, including two helmets and hygienic caps. Damage is monitored continuously by users in the Qari app. The company takes care of all maintenance issues, including charging of the electric motor.

Despite being a relatively new service in Georgia, Qari is already becoming an authentic element of urban living and everyday life and contributes to the development of local subcultures.

Today, eco-friendly products and services are mainly an exception in the market. The transportation sector mainly utilizes exhaustible resources, which not only negatively impacts the environment, but also ignores the long-term behavior of the community. The degree of pollution in urban space is growing at an astonishing rate and, consequently, the environment is suffering. The aim of Qari is to initiate a positive change by introducing a new habit to the customer. The company is trying to go beyond eco-friendly initiatives and become a part of the daily lives of as many people as possible. The engagement of both consumers and corporations in these initiatives is important.

Qari’s mopeds are powered by silent electric motors, minimizing not only air but noise pollution too. Due to the nature of the service, electric mopeds reduce the degree of impact on the environment in other ways as well: cars that get stuck in jams during rush hours not only consume more fuel, but also increase the share of emissions compared to normal traffic. Using Qari eliminates such “effects”. In addition, electric mopeds help people avoid traffic jams and support the freeing up of roads too.

Active communication with the customer is another distinguishing feature of Qari: with the help of a support chat and a qualified consulting team, any issue will be resolved in the shortest time possible. Registered customers who do not have a driver’s license or who do not possess proper skills are offered free professional training and assistance.

As an additional service, Qari has also introduced student and corporate packages. Students often show enthusiasm in establishing positive trends, and in return can take advantage of a discount package tailored to them.

The integration of “green transport” in daily life is an important activity for corporations as well. When going short and medium distances, corporate transport increases both financial and energy costs. In addition to solving this problem through offering preferential Qari services, companies help employees avoid traffic jams and provide them with guaranteed parking spaces.

The role and significance of individual transport during the pandemic has become particularly clear. Compared to other means, Qari’s mopeds not only reduce closed-space contact, but also facilitate getting around under restrictions established at different times.

Currently, the Qari team is working on a bicycle sharing service, which will expand the eco-friendly transport line. Additionally, mini electric vehicles are planned to be introduced for more diversity.

In addition to being a comfortable means of transportation, the main statement of Qari is urban eco-friendliness. In streets congested with exhaust and noise, the company is creating a culture of getting around without any pollution, which is very important in a city full of modern eco-challenges.