Eco Generation – in Search of Eco-Friendly Products

Eco Generation is an eco-friendly tableware company which fights the devastating impact of plastic on the environment. In recent years, this process has become increasingly important, as countries the world over attempt to deal with the issue of plastics, including Georgia. This is evidenced by the growing demand for eco-friendly products.

The company was founded in 2018 by a group of eco-enthusiasts for whom the link between the health of the planet and disposable plastic products is important. Representatives of the eco-friendly generation aimed to help raise public awareness about the environment. Biodegradable and compostable utensils made by them allow people to reduce the negative impact on the environment at home, at work or while traveling. Today, this is an important step in combating the destructive scale of environmental pollution.

The company’s motto – ‘Let’s care for the future together’ – unites the producer and the consumer: the diligence of each person is significant for creating a healthy, plastic-free living environment. They try to make consumers from all generations realize this. Their goal is to make environmental protection popular and set up a role model per which they can run various campaigns. Raising public awareness is the main task in overcoming the global challenge, towards which the company works towards through their activities. The more people that use utensils made from environmentally friendly materials instead of disposable plastic products, the cleaner the environment will be.

The market of eco-friendly products in Georgia is still in a nascent stage, which gives companies a significant opportunity for development. Eco Generation believes that there are no boundaries for their products at this stage, so they are also considering penetrating the markets of the region.

The motto ‘Let’s care for the environment together’ also envisages product recycling by the company, which will help reduce negative impacts on the environment and increase profitability in the value chain. In turn, this will make it possible to reinvest the released resources and take another step towards development.

The goal of the company is to contribute to the improvement of the Georgian ecosystem. They are also thinking of introducing revolutionary changes in this field, however, this requires universal involvement, from both the public and private sector and from society. Particular importance has been attached to the legislative framework governing this area. According to the founders of the company, like other areas, it is necessary to harmonize the Georgian environmental legislation with the EU legislation. Most importantly, effective execution must be ensured. The activity of private companies plays a crucial role in this regard, so that the state can support them with appropriate initiatives.

Eco Generation understands that the country’s economy is based on the development of each large or small enterprise. This requires attracting foreign direct investments, which, as the company grows, will help connect with foreign partners. All this will help enterprises to explore promising foreign markets. This is provided for by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, which allows companies to export products on preferential terms to the markets of EU Member States.

The most important asset of Eco Generation is its human resources. It is believed that successful companies are created by happy employees. Eco Generation’s goal is to have the best work environment for their employees. Accordingly, they try to introduce international standards and modern technologies in the work process. It is planned to obtain a certificate confirming compliance with modern standards of the production. Today, the company’s product is certified according to international standards.

Another necessary condition for success is the introduction of innovations. Eco Generation is actively working in this direction. It is believed that innovations will increase the value of the company and enhance its competitiveness. The protection of intellectual property is no less substantial. The company has a registered design and trademark. They are also working on an innovative product that could solve a significant technical problem to reduce industrial waste. Eco Generation also intends to obtain a patent for this invention, which will facilitate their further development.

Eco Generation has significant achievements in the eco-friendly tableware market; however, they are not satisfied with stopping there and are considering future changes. Their goal is to encourage the establishment of a proper environmental culture in the community. This will be an important step towards an eco-friendly future.