PMCG for Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

International development consulting company PMCG was founded in 2007. It works to develop governance, democracy, transparency, public finance, economic growth, tourism, education, environmental protection, water, solid waste and infrastructure sectors in developing countries. The organization strives to build a better future, which is reflected in its slogan, “Delivering Progress.”

The activities of PMCG are global. Since its inception, the company’s projects have promoted responsible approaches to staff management, society, partners and the environment in any country — be it the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and so on.

PMCG creates equal opportunities for all employees. This meticulously practiced priority is evident through numerous policies and procedures.

PMCG is entirely focused on youth employment. Modern, innovative and motivated young people represent a priority for the company. PMCG creates the best environment for such youth — giving them every opportunity to implement their ideas within the organization.

The personnel development program is a highlight of the company’s important projects. Employees design an annual personal development plan at the beginning of every year and discuss it with their immediate supervisors. After creating a personal development plan, each employee is allocated 1000 GEL for training, seminars, workshops and other activities to achieve their goals. In addition, at the beginning of the year, the HR manager also develops a training plan for project management, Microsoft program and so on, as well as for improving employees’ soft skills. PMCG regularly invites various speakers to raise awareness among employees on various general issues. For example, in response to pandemic-related mental health challenges, the company invited professionals in the field. PMCG often organizes trips for employees to different parts of Georgia. Such outings are usually organized on working days so employees do not sacrifice their days off.

In 2022, the company spent 221 000 GEL on training, courses and coaching sessions for 76 employees.

PMCG offers a free and flexible environment. The company maintains a hybrid working modality. We focus on the results. The organization strives to make PMCG an oasis for each employee amid a stressful and tense environment.

The company has been cooperating with the International School of Economics (ISET) at Tbilisi State University for years and annually finances the tuition fees of several MA students. In addition, for the last two years, PMCG has established the “Distinguished Thesis Award” for undergraduate students in ISET, within the framework of which the company allocates a financial award to the authors of the best bachelor theses.

PMCG has also created a Career Kickstart Internship for students, within the framework of which applicants can take internships in different departments of PMCG and thus grow professionally. In 2022, the company had 14 interns. PMCG offers payment to each of them. In addition, the interns often end up employed by the company.

PMCG has also cooperated with the non-governmental organization “First Step” for years. It provides financial resources for the development opportunities of children with special needs.

One of the main priorities of the company is environmental protection. PMCG recycles paper and replaces all kinds of plastic products.The company’s sales in 2022 increased from US$8 million to US$14 million as a result of PMCG’s corporate responsibility efforts. PMCG management encourages other companies to assume corporate responsibility, which will bring tangible results. The UN Global Compact provides a unique platform for businesses to share their knowledge, experience and ideas. This network is a source of inspiration for them, and if companies are actively engaged in such platforms from the beginning, they will learn a lot, establish a network and develop innovative ideas for their projects.