GGM Management Company

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    GGM Management

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    Tbilisi, Tamarashvili str. №13

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    Batumi, I. Chavchavadze str. №107

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    032 2 55 50 50

  • E-mail: info@ggm.ge

GGM is a business management company operating in Georgia, managing subsidiaries in the fields of infrastructure, manufacturing, tourism and related services. We have 7 years of fruitful experience in finding large-budget financing (grant, loan, investment) for businesses, state institutions and non-governmental organizations. 

One of our core functions is crisis management which includes assesing and solving complexities of business operations.


➪ Businesses operating in Georgia in need of financing (loan, grant, investment);
➪ With businesses in crisis in need of support to overcome the crisis;
➪ With individuals and companies in need of investing in their business, operating in Georgia;
➪ With corporate business partners for strategic fundraising;
➪ With state institutions seeking financing.


GGM manages companies in the fields of  production, infrastructure, tourism and business services.

As of August 1, 2023, GGM manages the following companies/brands:

– Dried fruit enterprise KERKI – www.kerki.ge
– Construction development company – www.g2.ge
– Business Trade – www.bt.ge (the project will be launched on September 13, 2023)
– Tourism marketing platform – Traveling in Georgia – www.travelingeorgia.com (in the process of rebranding)
– Medical Center Deutsches Diagnosticum – www.gdc-dd.com

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